Pancake House @MIdvalley Megamall, Bangsar

hi peeps, we managed to give a try on Pancake House restaurant, and here are our team member reviews on the meals that she n we had :p

Southern maple chicken + waffle 

                                                      Caramel banana walnut pancake.

Taste - waffle - sweet and savoury. Totally got me coming back for more. Fave
#additional to this review, i will say that the chicken maple thingy do have mixed taste of asian and western.

Pancake - taste is pretty okay.
#additional to this review, i would like to add on that the pancake is nicely cook, and taste not much different from other pancakes :p

overall we had great time together, nice service.

Address : F-046, Midvalley
Food type : Pancake, waffle, western
Food rating : 4/5
Place rating  : 3/5 quite typical interior design
Price rating : 3/5


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